Shot Optimization and Performance with Trackman

In this session we use Trackman to identify shot performance characteristics and determine what steps need to be taken to optimize every club in the bag. Below are the performance areas we hone in on:

  • Shot Optimization: With the help of Trackman's unique "Optimizer" software program, we can compare your shot performance to that of professional players.  The key categories we hone in on are Attack Angle, Spin Loft, Launch, Spin and Height of shot.  Some of the necessary changes may come from set up, swing fundamentals or club characteristics such as head style, loft, shaft weight and flex.
  • Know Exact Yardages For Each Club: Scoring well in golf very much depends on iron accuracy and most of that is solid contact, trajectory control and knowing the exact distance you hit each club.  We will create a yardage guide for your whole set and determine where the gaps need to be improved to maximize your scoring potential. 
  • Optimizing Driver Distance: The driver more than any club performs best when angle of attack and spin loft are correct to get optimal launch, spin, height and landing angle. Using the Trackman, I can help you find the combination for you that will get your optimal distance.  

In this 2 Hour Trackman Shot Optimizations session we will learn how to optimize your shots for tour performance, get exact distances for more accuracy and learn how to get the most distance and accuracy from your drivesl

Cost for 2 hour session:  $200