Junior Golf Instruction

As a former college coach and many years experience working with top level junior players, we are able to offer the best junior instruction around. Not only do we work on the whole game; driving, irons, pitching, chipping, bunkers and putting, we provide a TPI based junior fitness component in our junior academies and youth camps. Your junior will work on becoming a better athlete with more power, speed and coordination in addition to swing fundamentals. We also get out on the course to play and discuss rules, shot selection and course management whenever possible.

Private lessons are ideal for older juniors (14-17) or for advanced juniors playing in RMJT, WJGA or AJGA events.  Group instruction such as academies and clinics are ideal for beginning and intermediate players that may be competing at the high school level someday.  Summer Camps are aimed at new junior golfers, recreational players or kids who just want to have fun with no added pressure.

Summer Camps

Our junior camps are held at one of the premier courses and practice areas in the state, The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge and are geared for beginning to intermediate junior golfers ages 6-12.  We focus on learning technique fundamentals, rules of the game, how to play, etiquette and most importantly having fun.  We get out on the course to play at least one day during the week long camps.  If you are looking for a fun camp where juniors will learn a ton, get a lot of practice and go away wanting to play more golf with you... this is the camp for your junior golfer!

Junior Academies

Academies are seasonal programs aimed at the intermediate player who aspires to play in high school.  Ideal age ranges are 9-13 but can be dependent on skill level and experience.  Acadmies include supervised group practices as well as private instruction.  Drills and competitions are a focal point of the group sessions, as well as TPI fitness based sessions for speed and strength.

One Parent's Experience

"I can't thank you enough for the great week of golf camp for Hailey. She was really apprehensive and I basically drug her out bed and made her go Monday.... She came home Monday, all smiles and telling me about all she was learning and how much fun she had.

She was excited to go the rest of the week, and came home each day so excited about what she was learning and how much she was improving. We have been trying to get her excited about golf since she started walking... your camp was the magic ticket!

She is now excited to go to the range and to go play. She loved the games and the birdie bucks, and all the guys who were on hand to help. A positive, fun experience all around. Thank you!"

Heather Weider

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