Putting Basics

August 13, 2016By Bryan StevensGolf Basics

Putting Tension Awareness Take a look at the pro’s putting stroke on the PGA Tour and you will notice their arms and shoulders look very relaxed. Their shoulders are down and there is a soft look to the arms and hands. However, at the same time their wrists and elbows do not change angle through … Read More

Chipping Basics

August 6, 2016By Bryan StevensGolf Basics

Firm but not Stiff One of the most common errors I see every day in chipping is either a death grip with absolutely zero feel or a loose wristy action that has no consistency. Use a medium grip pressure and keep your wrists firm but not locked. You will want just a little bit of … Read More

Posture Basics

July 5, 2016By Bryan StevensGolf Basics

In my opinion posture is one of the most important things to get right and I find myself working with students on this every day.  Your posture either enables you to make a fundamentally sound swing or forces you to make a series of corrections throughout the swing. Good posture makes it much more likely … Read More