Shot Optimization Using TrackMan

March 1, 2018By Bryan StevensShot Optimization

This winter, I’ve taken a number of golfers through a Shot Optimization session utilizing the TrackMan Launch Monitor at my new indoor golf studio. In these sessions, we look at both technique and club fitting. The goal is to get a club delivery and ball flight more like a PGA player. The TrackMan launch monitor … Read More

Take Advantage of Par 5’s

February 28, 2018By Bryan StevensPlaying Strategy

Par 5’s are typically ripe for good scoring. But, to do that, you need to think and play strategically. All that requires knowing your game, and having a “go-to distance” for your wedges and short irons. Let me illustrate this with an example. A regular student of mine is practicing a lot and his ball striking … Read More

Putting Basics

August 13, 2016By Bryan StevensGolf Basics

Putting Tension Awareness Take a look at the pro’s putting stroke on the PGA Tour and you will notice their arms and shoulders look very relaxed. Their shoulders are down and there is a soft look to the arms and hands. However, at the same time their wrists and elbows do not change angle through … Read More

Chipping Basics

August 6, 2016By Bryan StevensGolf Basics

Firm but not Stiff One of the most common errors I see every day in chipping is either a death grip with absolutely zero feel or a loose wristy action that has no consistency. Use a medium grip pressure and keep your wrists firm but not locked. You will want just a little bit of … Read More

Posture Basics

July 5, 2016By Bryan StevensGolf Basics

In my opinion posture is one of the most important things to get right and I find myself working with students on this every day.  Your posture either enables you to make a fundamentally sound swing or forces you to make a series of corrections throughout the swing. Good posture makes it much more likely … Read More